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The txoko is the room in the cellar where we meet around a table to have lunch, to eat, to merendar or to have supper with our own wines.

The txoko is the ideal place for the conversation, the friendship and the songs.

Typical menu:

To open the appetizer we suggest roasted garlic sausages or a ration of jamón.

Later one menestra of vegetables, peppers of piquillo, asparagus (fresh in season), or any other vegetable plate of the time.

As strong plate chuletillas roasted to the sarmiento, chuletones as well as stews.

Finally sweet dessert, a so typical soup of almonds in Los Arcos.

In the meals we never are out of wine because the bottle recersses, with several thousands of bottles, are very close.

The bread can be sobado or hollow, but that does not lack.


There is a small kitchen to warm up the food.

The plates and glasses are kept in the respective drawers.

If you want come to eat to ours txoko, contact us before to reserve a day. But remember you will have to carry your food because the txoko is not a restaurant.


There are typical restaurants in Los Arcos and around Los Arcos when you can eat very good vegetables and meat.

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Oda to Viña Perguita, song in spanish

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