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Oak cask rooms to wine crianza:

Oak cask rooms description

This are several cellar rooms with total surface over 500 m2.
In this rooms there are more 800 barrels lined up. The barrels are type bordelsa with 225 l capacity each one that we use to read wine crianza.
Here, there is not vibration or noise and the temperature stays at eleven or twelve degrees all year round.

Oak barrels

We own different kind of barrels, all oak manufactured, depending on the wood origin and the way the wood has been cut. So, on the one hand, a group of barrels we use are american oak and the rest Limusin, Allier and Nevers french oak. On the other hand, we own swan and split oak wood barrels.

In this photographs the two bothers, Joaquín and Miguel, we are refilling oak barrels.


To fill the barrels we use a filling pipe stainless constructed.

We use a stainless emptying pipe to empty the barrels by aspiration without remove the wine because the barrels are not shifted from the position where have being resting for months. Moreover, the pipe ends in a small filter and a screw to regulate the quantity of wine that left over in the barrel to achieve a real decanting.

We own a water heater equipment for wash with high pressure and disinfect the barrels with hot water once emptied.

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