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Our wines crianza in oak barrels:
Oak barrel crianza process
We start the crianza with a total fermented wine after several times moved from tank to tank to decant it.
The wine in the elaboration room is moved to the oak barrels to age it.
In the first step, the wine rest in oak barrels for six (6) or eight (8) months, decanting the particles in suspension to the barrel bottom. Due to the evaporation of wine through the wood, the amount of wine in the barrel decreases, producing a vacuum inside the barrel. In each resting period about five wine liters are lost per barrel. Additionally, barrels are hot water cleaned before refilled with wine.
After this first resting period we move the wine to a tank in order to coupage a group of barrels.
We coupage the wine of different barrels waiting a few days before move it again to the barrels. Meanwhile the barrels are total emptied, cleaned and washed with hot water.
We fill the barrels with the wine to continue crianza.
The wine rest during this second period for other six (6) or eight (8) months.
In this second decanting we get a clean crianza with an especial oak aroma produced by the contact with the wood in the barrel.
Again we coupage the wine of a group of barrels in the same tank.
If the wine is crianza category the rest in oak barrels finished. Now the wine stay in a tank before being filtered and bottled.
However, if the wine has the quality and characteristics to be a reserva category then it is move to barrels to continue the crianza for another six (6) and six (6) months in barrels with an intermediate coupage. Finally we coupage the wine in a tank before being filtered and bottled.
When the wine is bottled, the bottles stay three days in vertical position to allow total cork expansion and perfect closing. To bottle room
After, the bottles are piled up and rest on horizontal position in our recesses for elaboration in bottles for several months before being labeled and presented to our customers.
Finally, when we label the bottles, the wine is ready to be delivered to our customers. To label

NOTE: Crianza and reserva are obtained from different wines.

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