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Rosé and red wines elaboration:

First the fruit is separated in the destemmer, after which the whole grapes go to stainless tanks.
There are some differences between the rosé and red wine fermentation processes:

In the rosé fermentation process the unfermented grape juice is extracted from the tanks and ferments separated from the grains and skin grape. It therefore, has deeper colour, depending on the time before juice extraction.
To keep the fruit aromas characteristic of rosé the fermentation temperature is rigorously controlled so it never exceeds twenty degrees (20ºC).

To obtain red wines the grapes ferment for ten days more or less with its juice, grains and skins in the same tanks where we put the grapes. It ferments spontaneously because of the natural yeast. During this time we stir the liquid to get more colour and best taste.
The red wines fermentation temperature never exceeds twenty eight degrees (28ºC).
Next, red wine is aged in oak barrels.

The follow graph shows you our rosé and red wines fermentation processes:

Grain separation
Red wine Rosé wine
Extracting tank
6/10 days 8/18 hours
Decanting Fermentation
Oak barrels crianza Decanting
To bottle To bottle
Rest in bottles To label
To label

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