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To bottle our wines:

Process description

We bottle all our wines with great care to complete on this way the elaboration process and in red case also the age in oak barrels.
We use 75 cl. bottles usually, thought the machinery we own allow other sizes of bottles as 3/8 l. or magnum 1,5 l. bottles. We use different kind of bottles (bordelesas, rhin...) and colors (green, dark green, transparent...) in function the type of wine and our customers preferences.
To avoid the rosé produce a light tartaric sediment when cooled served in glass, before bottle it it is cooled between three or four degrees below cero during five days and next is filtered throughput special pieces of cellulose. This is a physic process to get a more clean wine. (Note: As the wine contains alcohol, it freezes at a inferior temperature than water).
Before the bottle machine we have a microfiltration installation constituted by two steps that we use with rosé and red wines to avoid bacterizes, yeasts and microorganisms in bottled wine that produce later refermentations.
Every day we bottle a lot of our wines, before start to work and when we end the day, we swash with hot water the microfiltration equipment and the bottle machine in order to achieve a perfect sterilization and hygiene of all the equipments.


Cooler equipment to do the tartaric stabilization of our rosé wines.

The bottle machine has 1.800 bottle production per hour.

The label machine for the bottles, working with self-adhesive labels, has 2.000 bottle production per hour.

Diagram process

In the next flow charter we represent the bottle and label processes we do with our wines. You can see that the red crianza and reserva wines, after being bottled, rest for a long time before being labeled and presented to our customers:

To bottle
Coupage tank before start to bottle the wines
Microfiltration in close circuit with the bottle machine
To fill the bottles To bottle machine
The young wines are labeled just before being bottled and next commercialized. However, the crianza and reserva wines rest in our recesses during several months before being labeled and offered to our customers. This is because after the oxidation in barrels the wines need to be reduced in the bottle before drink to get the best of them. We say that the art of patience with bottles must be added to the magic aged in barrels.
Recesses for age in bottles
To label our wine bottles.
The labels we use are different in function of the wine and the customer taste.
To package in cases or boxes. Our wines are ready!

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