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Our wine's elaboration room:

In these rooms, 600 m2 surface, we do the fermentation of the wines we elaborate in our cellars. It is a modern installation equipped with the best tools and machineries at present.
The room total capacity is up to 575.000 l. in wine tanks.


Wine tanks

General elaboration room view.
Fermentation tanks (1992).

Fermentation tanks (1990).

All our wine tanks are stainless steel manufactured and lean on legs to allow perfect cleaning around them.

We use eight (8) specialized stainless tanks to do wine fermentation. The capacity of this tanks is 12.500 l. Due to its appropriate height to diameter ratio the relationship volume to external surface allow a correct fermentation temperature control. Therefore, the size of this tanks is the most appropriate for high quality varietal wines elaboration. In addition, this tanks are equipped with a simple water shower system to cool them during the fermentation. To empty the tanks, the lower mouth have been designed to reduce the cost of removing the "hollejos", in addition to offering more security when operating.

We used other two (2) higher tanks for coupages. The capacity of each one is 37.500 l. Additionally we used several 26.400 l. capacity tanks for wines.

Moreover, we own other stainless tanks of small capacity.

Fermentation wine temperature control equipment

We own a specific equip to cool or heat wine, as necessary, so it is possible guarantee an exact wine temperature control both during fermentation process as the rest of the year.

Other equipment

The grapes reception system, wine move pumps, wine filters and the rest of the equipment are stainless steel.

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